Geologically, Algeria is divided into three contrasting tectono-stratigraphic domains: the West African Craton, consisting of Precambrian granitic basement and surrounding Neoproterozoic mobile belts, outcrops in the south and west of the country. The limit of the Craton is broadly defined by the Tuareg Shield which comprises the Hoggar, Adrar des Iforas and Air sub-shields affected by Pan African tectono-thermal events. In the north a series of folded and thrust-bound strata belonging to the younger Alpine Chain extend over the entire length of the Maghreb region.

Geological maps:

  • 1:500 000 25 sheets, all published;
  • 1:200 000 49 sheets published; and
  • 1:50 000 463 sheets, 100 published.

Source: Geological overview, Schlüter, 2008


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