Extractive Industries


Minerals do not play a significant role in Benin’s economy. Gold has been produced in small quantities by artisanal miners. EI Source Book narrative content on artisanal mining is concentrated within Chapter 2. Opportunities and Challenges, including section 2.1 The Opportunities from Resource Wealth and core to Chapter 2's Mining Specifics Challenges/ Opportunities materials; a library of over fifty artisanal mining downloads is provided as the central content of Chapter 3's  Mining Specifics Challenges/ Opportunities materials.

The country also produces some industrial/construction materials and modest amounts of salt for which, amongst African countries, it is ranked equal 20th with Guinea. Benin is known to have relatively small, undeveloped reserves of mineral-fossil fuels, including coal and (see below) petroleum.


Benin has proven reserves of crude petroleum and natural gas stood at 1.09 Mt and 1.133 billion m3 respectively.  Benin's upstream petroleum sector is undeveloped.