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Source: map provided by International Geoscience Services, original sourced from Schlüter, 2008.

Black shales in Burkina Faso:

  • Thematic category:  Geology/ Mineral resources/ Geochemical data;
  • Evaluation of low-grade metamorphosed black shale as a possible energy source;
  • Evaluation of high-grade metamorphosed black shale as the raw material for the production of graphite;
  • Petrology, geochemistry of black shale, studies of the graphitization, technology of processing, combustion tests, flotation tests, calculation of resources. The data is in raster format, with digital documentation. Digital data is stored in a database. Data is available also as paper maps and reports. Language,  Frenc
  • Spatial extent is local, resolution 1:5,000 to 1:10,000; and
  • Licensed by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. Data is not available free of charge.

Other map data and sources: 

  • Geological maps: Bureau de Mines et de la Géologie, BUMIGEB, BP 601, Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso. Tél. (226) 50 36 48 02 / 50 36 48 90. Fax: (226) 50 36 48 88, email:; webviz: 1:125,000 (2 maps); 1:200,000 (29 maps); 1:500,000 (11 maps); and 1: 1,000,000 (3 maps): Carte géologique et minière du Burkina Faso à 1: 1,000,000 (2003);Carte géologique du Burkina Faso (1992); and Carte géologique de la République de Haute-Volta (1976); and
  • BRGM: Geology and Mineral resource map of Burkina Faso: thematic category: geology/mineral resources; geological mapping and inventory of mineral resources of the country at 1:1,000,000 (2003); and available from Bureau des Mines et de la Géologie du Burkina Faso; BRGM Geological map of Burkina Faso: thematic category:- Geology; tegional geological mapping at 1:200,000; 13 square-degrees (132,000 km²); and, available from Bureau des Mines et de la Géologie du Burkina Faso. 


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