Eritrea is underlain by Precambrian meta-sediments and older gneissic basement, Neoproterozoic terranes illustrating the effects of the Pan-African event, and locally extensive Tertiary to Recent volcanic rocks. Numerous thin basalt flows are found in the Miocene sediments of the Red Sea coast; the Aden Series basalts range in age from Pliocene to Holocene and were probably extruded contemporaneous with the major Pleistocene phase of uplift and rifting. Marine sediments of Mesozoic to recent in age are exposed in the coastal area along the Red Sea.

Geological: Ethiopian Institute of Geological Surveys P.O. Box 2302, Addis Ababa Tel: (251) 1 159 172 fax: (251) 1/5138 77 1:250 000 (2 maps), 1:500 000 (1 map), 1:2 000 000 (2 maps); Geological map of Eritrea (1999)  

Geological overview from Schluter, 2008


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