The eastern two thirds of Madagascar are underlain by voluminous Precambrian, Archean and Proterozoic, rocks of diverse character, sporadically intruded by Cretaceous to Neogene age basalts and rhyolites. The Archean sequences are found throughout the length of the Island and comprise gneiss, migmatites, charnockites, granitoid-migmatites, amphibolites, schist and greenstones. Paleoproterozoic rocks comprise paragneiss, granite-gneisss, charnockites, metasediments and schist. The western third is composed of two large basins of Mid-Paleozoic to Recent sedimentary rocks.

Geological maps and sheets:

  • 1/100 000 (164 maps);
  • 1/200 000 (125 maps);
  • 1/500 000 (22 maps);
  • 1/1 000 000 (2 maps);and
  • 1/2 000 000 (1 map) archive as of 2005 prior to PGRM-WB project.

Geological overview:

Source: Schlüter, 2008

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