African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET)

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The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) is an economic policy institution, dedicated to promoting the long-term growth and Transformation of African economies. ACET is an EI Source Book partner; read their 1st March 2012 report on their work with the EI Source Book and CEPMLP, the lead partner.  The below interview and welcome both date from the same month of March 2012.

Interview with Sheila Khama, Director, Extractive Resources Services at ACET

Welcome by Prof Peter Cameron, Director of the EI Source Book

"The inclusion of  ACET in the EI Source Book partnership is especially welcome and valuable due to both what it demonstrates about our commitment to Africa and how it will allow us to build stronger and deeper foundations for our collective work there.  We recognise the geographical diversity that exists across Africa and our partnership with ACET brings us far closer to the extractive industries in each of those many countries where ACET transformational work is already helping to better leverage far more effective, sustainable and transparent exploitation along the value chain of national resource endowments", Prof Peter Cameron, EI Source Book and CEPMLP Director.