Mining Specifics

Documenting the Artisanal & Small-scale Mining (ASM) sector: meeting the Challenge of providing a library of resources for this under-recorded sector, that is replete with both opportunities and challenges


Library of 67 ASM resources:

1. Artisnanal Gold Council
2. ASM and the MDGs, Getting Kids out of Mining and into School 
3. ASM Au Mining, UNEP Global Mercury Partnership
4. ASM Health Impacts & Responses
5. ASM in Sub-Saharan Africa: Professor Gavin Hilson (University of Surrey) 
6. Artisanal and Small-scale Mining in Protected Areas and Critical Ecosystem (ASM-PACE) programme case studies, see below (7.) to (13.)
7. ASM-PACE 'Green Gabon' case study
8. ASM-PACE in Itombwe Nature Reserve DRC case study (in French)
9. ASM-PACE in Itombwe Nature Reserve case study presentation (in English)
10. ASM-PACE Sapo National Park Liberian case study
11. ASM-PACE Mining Rushes Madagascan case study (in English)  
12. ASM-PACE Mining Rushes Madagascan case study (in French)
13. ASM-PACE Gola Rainforest National Park ASM-PACE Sierra Leonean case study
14. Artisanal Mining & Rural Livelihoods in Africa, Change, Challenges and Policy Options
15. Artisanal Mining Contribution to MDGs
16. CASM (Communities and Small-scale Mining), an Integrated Review for Development Planning
17. CASM Asian Results
18. CASM Assessment and Lessons Learned
19. CASM Brochure
20. CASM Brochure (in Chinese)
21. CASM Overview & Country Case Studies
22. Central African Republic, Communities, ASM, Fraud & Diamonds
23. Certification and Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining
24. China, Economic Analysis of Reform Policies for Small Coal Mines
25. China Regional Network of Communities and Small scale Mining
26. Colombian ASM - what is legal?
27. Colombia, LAC, ASM Trends
28. Communities & Small scale Mining (CASM) AGM 2002 Final Report
29. COP 33 ASM Guidance
30. Developing a National Strategic Plan to Reduce Hg ASM Au Use
31. DRC Artisanal Mining
32. DRC, North Kivu - Artisanal Cassiterite Mining & Trade
33. Global Report on Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining
34. Five Countries ASM Case Studies (Ecuador, Mongolia, Peru, Tanzania and Uganda)
35. Global ASM Challenges & Trends (speech)
36. Guinea: Allluvial diamond resource potential and production capacity assessment of Guinea by Chirico, P.G., Malpeli, K.C., Van Bockstael, Mark, Diaby, Mamadou, Cissé, Kabinet, Diallo, T.A., and Sano, Mahmoud, 2012, U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2012–5256  
37. Guinea: Summary of the diamond resource potential and production capacity assessment of Guinea by Chirico, P.G., and Malpeli, K.C., 2012, U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2012–3129
38. Illegal ASM Gold Mining in Chimanimani border area of Mozambique and Zimbabwe
39. India ASM, Sarishatali Coal Mine, West Bengal, case study
40. India ASM, Mining Minerals & Sustainable Development guide
41. Liberia, Artisanal Diamonds4Development Programme
42. MDGs & Small-scale Mining, focus on Environment
43. Mercury, ASM Au Global Context
44. Mongolia, Cooperation of ASM, LSM & Local Government
45. Mongolia, Occupational ASM Health & Safety
46. Pakistan, ASM in the Indus & Gilgit
47. Papua New Guinea ASM Miner Experiences
48. Peru, ASM Formalization
49. Peru, ASM Sector
50. Philippines ASM Au Banao Bodong Association
51. Philippines ASM Mercury-free Transistion Experience
52. Pressure for Mineral Supply Chain Traceability, & ASM Impact
53. Price Volatility & Price Risk (in ASM)
54. Pungwe River Basin, IWRM & ASM
55. Reducing Hg use in Au ASM mining
56. Responding to the challenge of ASM, How can knowledge networks help? (link to
57. Scaling up Certification in Artisanal & Small-scale Mining; Innovations for inclusivity
58. Small-scale Mines Safety & Health Handbook
59. South Africa, Status of Small-scale Mining
60. South Sudan ASM provincial Baseline Assessment
61. Tanzania ASM Sector
62. Tanzania, Increasing the Contribution of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining to Poverty Reduction
63. Towards Real Solutions, Formalization and Financing of ASM
64. Twelve Stories About Small-scale Mining
65. Working Together, How Large-scale Mining can Engage with ASM
66. Zimbabwe Au ASM, Shifting Formalization Policies & Recentralizing Power
67. Zimbabwe Historic Au ASM


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