Evelyn Parra, MBA, LLM

Evelyn Parra

Evelyn Parra is an alumna of CEPMLP two times over: Master of Business Administration,  International Oil and Gas Management, Merit (2014 – 2015); and Master of Laws,  Petroleum Taxation and Finance (2006-8).  She is a longstanding and active contributor and supporter of the EI Source Book website, and a CEPMLP Associateand Seminar Director: Oil, Gas and Mining sector, University of Dundee member of staff.

Evelyn is also a Senior Associate of EI Source Book partner Adam Smith International (ASI) where she is an Oil, Gas and Mining Project Team Leader, Consultant and Trainer.  Examples of her work for that company include: in Myanmar as an Extractive Industries Tax and Finance Expert; and in Afghanistan as a Project Team Leader.  Further, she is an Energy and Extractives Global Practice Consultant for a third EI Source Book partner, the World Bank.

Evelyn holds the Civil Service Medal Afghanistan awarded (2014) by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office: "The medal is awarded to civilians in recognition of their contribution to the government’s work towards a stable and secure Afghanistan."

Evelyn's EI Source Book downloads include:

Evelyn has more than twenty five years of extensive finance and compliance corporate, public and advisory experience out of which twenty dedicated to hydrocarbon and mining projects including Oil and Gas Legal, Regulatory and Capacity Building Expert for the National Direction of Energy – Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining in Uruguay (World Bank), Tax and Finance Expert for the Institutional and Regulatory Assessment of the Extractive Industries in Myanmar (ASI/World Bank-UK Government); Team Lead for the Technical Assistance and Capacity Building project for the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum in Afghanistan (ASI/UK DFID); Design and Delivery of training seminars to senior officials from the Ministry of Petroleum of Nigeria in Dubai (Petroleum Expertise, Ltd); advisory, training and coaching of members of the General Direction of Audit and Petroleum Economics of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy in Equatorial Guinea (RPS Energy, Ltd); Tax Management for SINCOR a vertically integrated extra-heavy oil joint venture (Total/PDVSA/Statoil) and Anadrill-Schlumberger a leading oil field service provider in Venezuela and Latin America. Tax Auditor and Consultant for the International Accounting firm KPMG and Law firm Torres Plaz y Araujo.

Evelyn also holds a Diploma in Hydrocarbons and Mines Laws, a Specialization in Tax Laws and a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy in Venezuela.