Challenges & Opportunities



  • Extractive Industries Source Book narrative text:
    • Chapter 2. Opportunities and Challenges – pdf (to follow);
    • Chapter 2.1 The Opportunities from Resource Wealth – pdf (to follow); and
    • Chapter 2.2 The Challenges - pdf (to follow).
  • There are 64 different resources (downloads and external links to downloads) within Chapter 2, Opportunities and Challenges and as of the end of February 2016.  Further downloads relevant to the concept of Opportunities and Challenges may be found throughout the website. 

Fundamental issues of consent and accountability:


  • Mining Specifics, Chapter 2:  
    • ASM Cost Benefit Analysis;
    • Challenge of negative ASM perceptions - and reality, to some extent; and
    • Challenge of ASM formalization.
  • Mining Specifics, Chapter 3: Documenting the ASM sector, meeting the Challenge of providing a library of resources for this under-recorded sector, that is replete with both opportunities and challenges; Library of 61 ASM resources.


Focus on Petroleum:


In more detail; focus on Artisanal & Small-scale Mining (ASM):