Burbank - The Effect of the Kimberley Process

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Transparency and Accountability

Policy, Legal and Contractual Framework

Sector Organization and Institutions

Fiscal Design and Administration

Revenue Management and Distribution

Sustainable Development

Burbank, J., The Effect of the Kimberley Process on Governance, Corruption and Internal Conflict, Fund for Peace, Globalization and Human Rights Series, 2006.
The Kimberley Process is an international certificate of origin system designed to monitor the path of rough diamonds from mine to polishing factories so as to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the global market. This paper examines the successes and failures of the Kimberley Process and provides recommendations for improving it, placing particular emphasis on the role of governance. In addition to examining the ways that corruption and lack of state capacity hinder successful implementation, the author also discusses whether the Kimberley Process could help improve governance in diamond-producing countries. Recommendations include linking foreign aid to compliance and increasing external oversight of internal controls.

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