Richards - Mining Society and a Sustainable World

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Transparency and Accountability

Policy, Legal and Contractual Framework

Sector Organization and Institutions

Fiscal Design and Administration

Revenue Management and Distribution

Sustainable Development

Richards, J. P., Mining, Society and a Sustainable World (eds.) (London: Springer, 2009)

Mining activities have huge potentials, if well harnessed, to positively impact host communities. Against this background, this book aims to examine the very broad implications of mining activities from the social, economic, and sustainable development perspectives, with a view to identifying the most pressing issues, reviewing current best practices and proposing ways forward.

The editor of the book structures it into four main parts. Part one [chapter 1 - 5] deals generally with the role of mining in developed and developing economies. Part two focuses on mining in relation to issues of sustainable development [chapters 5 - 8]. Part three examines the environmental implications of mining [chapters 9 - 11] and the last part of the book, concludes with the interplay between mining and society both at the local and international level [chapters 12 - 16]. The editor notes the point that the outlook of the book is intended to be positivist and that problems identified should serve as a springboard for the pursuit of solutions rather than being the basis for mounting oppositions against mining.

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