Oil & Gas Specifics

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Transparency and Accountability

Policy, Legal and Contractual Framework

Sector Organization and Institutions

Fiscal Design and Administration

Revenue Management and Distribution

Sustainable Development

  • Public support to the provision of domestic natural gas infrastructure (pipelines or processing facilities) may be particularly appropriate in that, while it represents an investment in the resource sector, it promotes economic diversity and employment through the supply of gas to power stations and local industry. 

  • Petroleum operations, more than mining, may be major emitters of greenhouse gases, particularly through the flaring of natural gas. Concerned governments have responded in a variety of ways, including taxes and penalties and mandatory flare reduction, or “flares out” requirements. 

  • For oil and gas, particular attention is needed to refinery safety, potential oil spillage throughout the production chain including offshore oil platforms and possible gas leaks from transmission or storage facilities.  
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