Latin America

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Transparency and Accountability

Policy, Legal and Contractual Framework

Sector Organization and Institutions

Fiscal Design and Administration

Revenue Management and Distribution

Sustainable Development

CCSI Open Fiscal Modelling: focus on Latin America

Alongside growing revenue and contract transparency, increasing model transparency is needed. Only with financial model transparency can relevant actors better assess whether contracts are balanced in terms of fiscal returns and understand when revenues start flowing to the government. CCSI strongly supports financial model transparency and has developed two open fiscal models which were launched at the 2016 EITI conference in Lima held in February of that year.

Benchmarking Gold Mining Fiscal Regimes

With the support of IBISCCSI has developed a gold benchmarking model that allows users to compare 10 fiscal regimes of gold producing jursdictions and the possibility to add the fiscal terms of an additional mining contract.

The use of the model has been widely piloted including with LATINDADD in Peru. Given that the benchmarking exercise needs to be done among peer group countries, which are those with a similar geology, infrastructure and political risk, the model includes the fiscal terms of countries chosen LATINDADD.

LATINDADD chose to include Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico as the peer countries for Peru.

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