There is far more content on the EI Source Book for Africa than for any other part of the world, both as a result of a self-conscious decision to prioritize this continent by the EI Source Book authors; and due to the availability of large amounts of information and insight on Africa. Both factors are, in turn, driven in very large part by the huge opportunity that the sector offers Africa in terms of its inclusive sustainable development.

Content is organised Chapter by Chapter, and cagetorized within the Resources tab and by way of summary documents and external links.  Nation-specific content is also provided, organized around an interactive map of the continent.

The Africa Chapter-sections of the EI Source Book are currently arranged as follows:

Also available: OpenOil Wiki resources: Ghana Oil Almanac v 0.9; Libya Oil Almanac v 0.9; Niger Oil Almanac v 0.9; Niger Oil Almanac v 0.9 (in French); Sudan Oil Almanac v 0.9; and South Sudan Oil Almanac v 0.9. 


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