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mining 2What is it? 

This database of extractive industries initiatives brings together the growing number of initiatives focused on governance issues in the oil, gas and mining sectors.

You can search the database based on topics and geographical focus to find those initiatives relevant to your specific needs. It will also help illustrate overlaps and gaps in the work that is already underway.

Mapping is currently shown by: continent, globally; and at the level of individual African countries, with additional continents to follow.

You can also provide content through online submission.  

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Who is it for?

1) governments and civil society organizations – They will benefit from the database as they search for initiatives operational in their countries;

2) the private sector (e.g. oil, gas and mining companies) – They will be able to quickly see which initiatives are relevant for them to engage with, based on country of operation or strategic focus area; and

3) donors – They will find the database relevant as it provides information about which topics and geographies are most focused on, and which ones are not. This will give insights as to where additional support might be most needed.  

What is an initiative?

We define "initiative" as "a measure, strategy, procedure or task intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation, which includes support for or recommendation of a particular approach, cause or policy."  What we think is NOT an initiative: Under this definition, case studies, examples of good practice, and (compliance with) legislation are not initiatives.

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