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Responsible Mineral Development Initiative
Lead Organization Name
World Economic Forum
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  • Mining
  • Metals
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  • Donor
  • Civil Society
  • Industry
  • Government

The Responsible Mineral Development Initiative (RMDI) explores the views, priorities and concerns of key stakeholders in mineral development. It asks where discontent and frustration most commonly arise, where improvements can occur, and what can be done to foster a more responsible, sustainable mineral development, thus enabling better integration of mining wealth into national economies.

Value Chain Focus
  • Sustainable Development
    • - Community consultation
    • - Social impacts
    • - Compensation
    • - Stakeholder engagement
    • - Priority spending areas
    • - Transparency and accountability in sustainable development
Have a mix of stakeholders such as public, private and civil society sectors contributed to the design of the initiative?
Geographical Focus
  • Global
In-country work
Who is it for?
industrial extractives companies, host country national governments, host country local governments, international governments, donors, local civil society, international civil society, communities, investors
How does the initiative try to reach its objective?

The World Economic Forum believes a key success factor is open, constructive and ongoing dialogue between stakeholders within each country, enabling a mutual understanding of the costs and benefits for each stakeholder and identifying ways to maximize benefits and define acceptable tradeoffs. To facilitate this the Forum, through its Responsible Mineral Development Initiative (RMDI), is piloting a series of Country and Regional 'RMDI platforms' which will bring together the highest levels of Government, senior executives of some of the world's largest extractives companies and key members of civil society to discuss how value is created within mining, identify key areas of priority for the country and implement a process to track and measure initiatives aimed at addressing these priorities.