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Responsible Jewellery Council
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  • Standards
  • Mining
  • Metals
Lead by
  • Industry

To promote responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental business practices throughout the diamond, gold and platinum group metals jewellery supply chain, from mine to retail.

Value Chain Focus
  • Sustainable Development
    • - Community consultation
    • - Human Rights
    • - Environmental impacts
    • - Social impacts
    • - Resettlement
    • - Compensation
    • - Protected areas
    • - Gender
    • - Artisanal and small-scale mining
    • - Mineral tracing systems
    • - Community development agreements
    • - Decommissioning and Closure Planning
    • - Stakeholder engagement
    • - Monitoring and Reporting
    • - Transparency and accountability in sustainable development
    • - Other:
Have a mix of stakeholders such as public, private and civil society sectors contributed to the design of the initiative?
Geographical Focus
  • Global
In-country work
Who is it for?
industrial extractives companies, small-scale extractives companies
How does the initiative try to reach its objective?

Businesses that join the RJC have two years to achieve Certification against the RJC Code of Practices. RJC offers training and support to busineses as they implement practices that are conformant with the RJC requirements.