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Extracting Transparency
Lead Organization Name
Grupo FARO
  • Policy
  • Good Practice
  • Capacity Building
  • Technical Assistance
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Oil
  • Mining
Lead by
  • Civil Society

Monitoring for transparency in the process of generation and distribution of revenues from extractive industries (oil and mining).

Value Chain Focus
  • Policy, Legal and Contractual Framework
    • - Sector policy
    • - Sector regulations
    • - Contracts and Licenses
    • - Local Content
    • - The award of contracts and licenses
  • Sector Organisation and Institutions
    • - National Resource Companies
    • - Transparency and accountability in sector organizations and institutions
  • Fiscal Design and Administration
    • - Fiscal instruments
    • - Fiscal administration
    • - Royalties
    • - Transparency and accountability in fiscal design and administration
  • Revenue Management and Distribution
    • - Resource funds
    • - Revenue sharing
    • - Revenue allocation
    • - Transparency and accountability in revenue management and/or distribution
Have a mix of stakeholders such as public, private and civil society sectors contributed to the design of the initiative?
Geographical Focus
  • National
In-country work
Who is it for?
host country national governments, host country local governments, local civil society, communities
How does the initiative try to reach its objective?

Through applied research, capacity building, advocacy, dialogue and monitoring of the generation and distribution of income from the extractive industries.