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Mining Policy Framework
Lead Organization Name
Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development
  • Policy
  • Standards
  • Good Practice
  • Capacity Building
  • Mining
  • Metals
Lead by
  • Donor
  • Civil Society
  • Industry
  • Government

Established in 2005, the objective of the IGF is to enhance and promote the contribution of the mining, minerals and metals sector to sustainable development by promoting improved good governance in the national management of mineral resources. The forum provides governments with a framework in which to discuss the opportunities provided by the mining, minerals and metals sector and to respond to the challenges these sectors pose.

Value Chain Focus
  • Policy, Legal and Contractual Framework
    • - Sector policy
    • - Sector legislation
    • - Sector regulations
  • Sector Organisation and Institutions
    • - Institutional structures and governmental bodies
    • - Institutional reform
    • - Transparency and accountability in sector organizations and institutions
  • Fiscal Design and Administration
    • - Fiscal administration
    • - Transparency and accountability in fiscal design and administration
  • Revenue Management and Distribution
    • - Fiscal discipline and sustainability
    • - Transparency and accountability in revenue management and/or distribution
  • Sustainable Development
    • - Community consultation
    • - Human Rights
    • - Environmental impacts
    • - Social impacts
    • - Gender
    • - Artisanal and small-scale mining
    • - Decommissioning and Closure Planning
    • - Stakeholder engagement
    • - Monitoring and Reporting
    • - Transparency and accountability in sustainable development
Have a mix of stakeholders such as public, private and civil society sectors contributed to the design of the initiative?
Geographical Focus
  • Global
  • Regional (Africa)
In-country work
Who is it for?
industrial extractives companies, host country national governments, international governments, donors, international civil society, universities
How does the initiative try to reach its objective?

Adopted by members in 2010, the Mining Policy Framework provides a compendium of international best practices to deal with the full range of issues related to mining, including the legal and policy environment, financial benefit optimization, socio-economic benefit optimization, environmental management, post-mining transition and artisanal and small-scale mining.