2. Opportunities and Challenges

I am frankly amazed at the myopic perspective of some, but not all, oil and gas firms when it comes to corporate communications. Myopic firms - and, yes, there seem to be quite a few of them - seem unable to look beyond crisis management responses communications issues. Of course, these are important, but PLEASE wake up and smell the coffee - there is so much more, and so much more positive, things to focus on.
For instance:
1) Community engagement – what are you doing to engage local communities?
2) Local Benefit and Local Content – e.g. training and employment opportunities, supply chain wins for local firms, and community infrastructure. Shout about what you are doing, have no shame and no reticence when you have a good story to tell. Even if your local content performance is driven, inter alia, by legal requirements, make a virtue out of this necessity.
3) Infrastructure and Resource Corridors – is your resource extraction helping to drive the wider economic development of a region by making enabling future economic activity, e.g. as a result of investment of travel, communications, logistics and other infrastructure?
These things matter. Not least as perceived performance in matters related to sustainable development, local content and CSR could all be drivers of your success in both winning and retaining future oil, gas and mining contracts.
Read more at the dedicated Sustainable Development chapter of the EI Source Book; http://www.eisourcebook.org/661_9SustainableDevelopment.html
See below four companies that do take the communications aspects of these matters seriously:
1) Hunt Oil Company: http://www.huntoil.com/Social.aspx
2) Marathon Oil Company: http://www.marathonoil.com/Social_Responsibility/Reporting/2011_CSR_Report/
3) Petrofac: http://www.petrofac.co.uk/index.asp?pageid=18
4) Senergy: http://www.senergyworld.com/about-senergy/corporate-social-responsibility

daniel gilbert